Tuesday Roll Call

13 Feb

My favorite things lately:

ROSEHIP OIL. SO awesome. I recently tried the Evanhealy Rosehip Oil Serum and I love it. You just add about 3-4 drops to your palm and massage it into your face (preferably while it’s damp, right after cleansing) and then you put moisturizer over it. I am just LOVING the way it makes my skin glow and to be honest- just the act of massaging something into my face. I mean, it’s like you’re lovingly giving yourself a facial. Is that weird? Self-love? Ah well.

I’ve been researching online about Rosehip oil and it’s benefits. Apparently it’s high in Vitamin A – which is Retinol and EVERY gal needs to be familiar with that ingredient! It also is really good for reversing sun damage, pigmentation, and scarring (which goes along with the fact that it has lots of Retinol/Vit A). There are a few brands from Australia that are super popular (Trilogy, Kosmea) – but until I use up my trial bottle of Evanhealy, I will not be making any purchases 🙂 Also, there are many brands from the United States that I’m positive are just as good.

BAGS OF CHOPPED RAINBOW SWISS CHARD. Found at my local supermarket. Probably/possibly overpriced. But ahhmazing! Swiss chard, Kale, Beets- I love you!!

METABOLIC ADVANTAGE – Thyroid Formula by Enzymatic Therapy. I stopped taking this in December because I didn’t think it was doing much good. Well, I’ve found that recently I’ve been SUPER munchy… I want to snack all the time and can’t seem to stop eating even when I know I’m full! Well, I took 2 pills today and BAM! Munchies are gone and I have a ton more energy! These babies are chock full of Vitamin B12 along with some other vitamin/herbal goodness.

CACAO BLISS by Artisana. This is an overpriced jar of AMAZINGNESS. Okay, you know how you can take chocolate and melt it with coconut oil so that you can make a chocolate fondue? When you warm this up, it’s just like that. The awesome part is that this shiz is healthy! It’s made with coconut butter, coconut oil, cacao butter, etc… It’s super low in carbs and sugar. And 2 tablespoons is only 5 points (if you’re doing Weight Watchers). Lately I’ve been dipping bananas in it. It’s so awesome. I’ve found recipes on http://www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com that show you how to make your own version of it – for a lot cheaper! http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/chocolate-covered-recipes/sandwicheswraps/do-you-make-lists/better-than-cacao-bliss/

LATISSE. Oh can I count the ways I love this stuff. My lashes are so long and pretty, it is a frigging JOY to put on mascara in the morning! I was slightly disappointed that it didn’t darken my lashes (which it does for some people) – but not a big deal.


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